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@cjam's collection of quotes, musings and inspired detritus about creativity and culture, interspersed with a few photos

A surrealistic cloud in Rome
A side of #Rome you don’t often see
This pig totally pulled a Sean Penn on me after I took this #Rome #pigs #thepigtorialist (at Spanish Steps)
So Dahlonega, GA had these strange scarecrow people placed all over town. Nobody I spoke to could explain them. But I was endlessly fascinated, especially by the uncanny valley vibe they created.
The sky over the North Beach Public Library
Meanwhile, over in North Beach

I was captivated by the murals along Mid-Market yesterday, and the #homeless men that camp out there #sf

Very zen
Contemplating #Esalen and the Pacific Ocean in Big Sur #b&w (at Esalen Institute)
Another perspective on the #film shoot #filmmaking #therock  (at Lombard Street)